Improve Dental Health, Announcing the Periowave HHL-1000 Handheld Laser | Periowave Photodisinfecton System,

Periowave Dental Technologies is thrilled to announce the arrival of the new HHL-1000 handheld laser.

Developed by the world leaders in photodisinfection, Ondine Biopharma Corporation, the Periowave HHL-1000 combines the clinical efficacy and safety of the Periowave Photodisinfection System with the convenience of an entirely cordless device. The laser is slim and ergonomic, sacrifices nothing in performance and features an outer sheath that can be sterilized after each treatment. To learn more about this advanced technology, please read this detailed brochure.

To complement our strong presence at this year's Pacific Dental Conferece, Periowave Dental Technologies is offering the HHL-1000 as a part of some incredible deals to clinicians across Canada. Contact us to learn more.